The treasure in the clutter

Today I was decluttering boxes of stuff that came out of our garage, and I found something that made me jump and cheer.

You see, years ago I bought two things, one was a Lamy Vista fountain pen and the second was a bottle of ink.

I loved that pen, and then, in one of the mad “oh my god we are getting visitors and the house is a mess!” dashes, I lost it.

I immediately worked on cleaning my pen, as there was some old ink in the converter, and then I wrote with it. And I fell in love again 🙂

Finding treasures like this among the clutter is what keeps me going. What keeps me rummaging through boxes and tossing like mad in hopes of finding something I’ve lost years ago.

Having my pen again makes me more eager to dive into the boxes and see what else I can find.

This gives a whole new dimension to Keeping the Joy, and I love that!

PS I usually post on Fridays, but as I made an error in scheduling last Friday’s post (it was up for next week!) I am happy that I can share this right away 🙂

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