What are you truly responsible for?

I almost didn’t write a post this week. I wanted to put up a blog post saying that I am working on NaNoWriMo prep and really don’t have the energy to write weekly Joyful Minimalism posts.

Then today, the idea for this blog post came up and I had to sit down to write it.

I am struggling with responsibility with my decluttering process. I feel I owe it to some of the stuff in my life to finish it. I owe it to the yarn (that has lived in my stash for ages) to finish knitting or crocheting something with it.

I owe it to the cookbooks to cook all the recipes I wanted to make when I bought the book. I owe it to all my art supplies to use them in one of my projects.

This weight, this responsibility, is so harsh and stifling.

It keeps me from living my best life, and it keeps me from finding my joy. Instead of working on something I really love to do, I keep holding on to things that have NO place in my life anymore. They did once, I thought I could make something cute with it, but today it keeps me from living my life.

I am not responsible for the clutter in my life. My only responsibility is learning the lessons I can learn from it so that I won’t repeat it, and then I let go.

Because in the end, my only responsibility is to myself, and then those I share my life with

I need to let go of all the expectations that live in the clutter that still surrounds me. I need to find my joy.

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