Make room for love

I have worked in my office this past week in what I called the second decluttering wave. There is only a limited amount of space (on purpose) so I clear until there is only room for what I really love.

In this process, I found something funny. The more I clear out, the more creative options I see.

The fewer options I have for creativity actually created more. I have worked on so many different creative outlets.

For instance, instead of a lot of different sketchbooks in view, I have only one. An A6 size with two pens, brush, and fine liner.

This morning, two seconds after I sat down, I sketched something in the book. I never did that before.

After this week of making space and many tough decisions on what to keep and what to release, I knew that something I have thought up earlier this year is true.

Instead of decluttering, what I do is uploving. I make space for what I love, and in return feel more moved to do what I love. It’s a win-win situation.

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