Keep it simple

This past year, through my exploration of stillness, I have discovered that I have a tendency to make things complicated.

And that is because I overthink as a rule. I also think I need way more supplies to make my art, or that I need to carry the whole world with me when I go out. “In case I need it” has been an often heard phrase in that regard.

I carried a big bag of art supplies with me whenever I went to another part of the house because I thought I might need everything. I never did.

So, I got a smaller bag and put in the absolute essentials for creativity. And I pared it down after a month or so and tossed out some supplies I didn’t really need and added others just because it felt right.

I also needed to embrace simplicity in other areas. The first theme I had on this blog was similar to the one I have on my main blog.

It is perfect for that site, but not for this one. I added a simpler theme, pared down what I show in the sidebar, and now it is like an oasis of calm simplicity when I come here.

Having “Keep it simple!” as my motto through this journey has also helped me with finding my stillness. And with that, the circle is complete. ?

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