The five things I learned from a major home upheaval :)

Near the end of December, our new (luxury so transported flat) mattress was delivered.

The delivery guys would carry it up the stairs to the second floor (third for those who call the ground floor the first) which meant that EVERYTHING needed to be neat and tidy.

It also meant that everything that could possibly be in the way of the delivery guys and the mattress had to be removed. As we live in a 3 story house and the stairs are very inconveniently situated, it meant that we had to move a lot out of the way.

So, a couple of days before Christmas, our whole house was in a pristine disarray, with furniture everywhere the delivery guys wouldn’t come.

How did we manage that?

  1. Sturdy shopping bags are your friend. Toss everything you can’t find a home for in 2 seconds in said shopping bags and store them in the garage. I am now going through those bags one by one and tossing a lot in the process.
  2. There’s no such thing as perfect. I found myself cleaning up to 15 minutes before they came and when they left I saw at least three spots where I forgot to clear away something. Oh well.
  3. It is essential to have easy cleaning gear. I have a spray bottle with a mix of water and vinegar and some essential oils. Cleaning is as easy as spray and wipe!
  4. Flash decision making When I usually declutter, I can take ages going through stuff. Now it was so easy, this goes there, this goes there, that goes in the trash. I need to get delivery guys in more often 😀
  5. Truly putting things back in their place. We put our furniture back in their spots over the next couple of days, and found that things REALLY do belong where they were. Having everything back in its place felt right 🙂

And, as a bonus, the whole house was clean for Christmas 😀

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