Simple creativity

I had a pain day earlier this week and I desperately wanted to create. I got out to grab my bag full of stuff to create an art/junk/scrap journal with and immediately realized that my bag was WAY too full and heavy.

On normal days, the bag is sort of ok. On pain days, not so much.

Why would I want to carry a heavy bag through the house with me for when I want to art?

I thought of a small craft basket, about the size of two stacked paperback books, and figured it would be a pretty cool thing to use for my art journaling.

My current art journal was way too big for the basket though, but, as I was almost finished with it, I could just keep it on my desk for when I need a break from writing.

Decision made, I walked downstairs to my office, grabbed a handful of papers to build the journal with and my bookbinding gear.

I got to work. I unpacked the heavy bag, set the bare essentials aside, and put the rest away to store it someplace else.

I made the new journal and added it along with a case full of pens and crayons and some other supplies to the basket.

Everything fit perfectly.

I have everything I need to decorate/art-up this journal and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s light, I can carry it around everywhere and it’s not a huge project like my nearly finished art journal is.

And if I miss something, my office is only a maximum of two floors away. I do like forcing myself to only use what is in my bag though.

I have learned a lot from creating this basket. It taught me that you only really know what you need when simplicity is the only solution. In other words: you only need the basics, the rest is just clutter.

And that is a lesson I can apply to all the other areas in the house that need some work.

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