I have a style? Who knew!

I never thought I would write a post like this for the simple reason that I always thought that I didn’t have a distinctive style. I thought I only wore what I really liked and that was across the board in color and style.

And then I got in for a major declutter recently, as I saw that some things stayed at the bottom of the pile all the time and others were so worn down that they were really unwearable.

I started to sort through my clothes, put the summer clothes I wanted to keep in a separate part of my wardrobe, only setting aside some t-shirts for layering and yoga.

I tossed a lot of clothes that I really didn’t like and then when I finished, I looked at what was left on the shelf, and I saw that I really do have a style. Who knew! Here are my clothing basics.

  1. I absolutely love to wear black and purple. I have eradicated most other colors from the wardrobe (a green shirt! what was I thinking!). The only colorful exception: my Glastonbury t-shirts and two cardigans.
  2. I don’t like thick sweaters, tossed all but one. I absolutely love layering clothes. I have several black cardigans and I wear them over a t-shirt or a long-sleeve if it is really cold.
  3. The only brand I have several of is Gothicana. Told you I like black (and trumpet sleeves, omg)!
  4. I just love t-shirts, Most of the ones left over on the shelves are (except the aforementioned Glastonbury tees) in black and purple, in summer to wear as is, in winter as a layer.
  5. Almost all my pants are black, except two dark-blue pairs of jeans.
  6. I have tossed almost all synthetic fibers except for one cardigan. I just can’t stand anything synthetic close to my skin.
  7. I have at least 10 scarves in all colors of the rainbow. They are most of the time the only pop of color on my mostly black outfits.
  8. All the skirts I have are cotton maxi skirts. I just love the way they move around my legs when I walk. I wore them at the Glastonbury festival too, wearing my hiking boots underneath. So cute.
  9. I need to stop buying cheap clothes, even organic cheap clothes. I have shirts I bought last year that were cotton but are so thin that they are basically unwearable.

Next up: playing with a capsule wardrobe, making up outfits with the clothes left on the shelves of my wardrobe 🙂 Can’t wait!

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