Gradual simplicity 

So, what if you would like a simple life, but have no idea what to get rid of?

Take a small part of your house. Your nightstand for instance, or one drawer of your desk. Toss everything out and sort through it.

You’re not aiming for perfect, you are aiming for your definition of simplicity.

Decluttering and simplicity aren’t about the pretty internet-ready pictures. It’s about finding what your comfort level is. Therefore, what is simple for me may look hopelessly cluttered to you.

Next month I may go back into a room or area and declutter it again.

Definitions change.

I, for instance, started to declutter in my desk again, redefining what I truly need and again I got rid of a lot.

I changed my definition of simplicity and need and acted accordingly.

Just start. Make one corner of your home be the definition of simplicity for you at this moment. And then move to another corner.

Gradually, you make space for a simpler life, and every day your definition of simplicity changes. That is how it should be.

Maybe a month from now I won’t feel the need for three drawers of art supplies. Or maybe that will never happen.

All that matters is that I’ve made it simple to use the supplies for my art, and that when I see the cabinet I know exactly what is where and why.

Now that’s simplicity.

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