My year-round wardrobe

I have spent a lot of time this week watching wardrobe decluttering sessions on YouTube.

What that left me with was that I am happy that I have a year-round wardrobe. So many of the clothes they had were season specific. I don’t have a lot of clothes like that. I think I have one warm jumper, that’s it.

What I do is layer my clothes.

One of those layers is always the same, undies and a bra. The layers over that are usually as follows:

In summer, I wear either:
– t-shirts and (maxi)skirts
– t-shirts and pants
– thin cotton dresses
each of those with a cotton cardigan if it is colder.

In spring/autumn I wear:
– t-shirts/pants with either cotton hoodies or woollen cardigans
– long sleeve cotton shirts
– t-shirts with one of my thicker skirts.

In winter, I add layers to these clothes.
– I always put on tank tops under t-shirts for extra warmth.
– I wear warmer cardigans over the top or the t-shirts or long sleeves.
– I wear lots of (black) jeans. Nice and warm!
– If the pants I want to wear are made of a thinner fabric, I wear nylons underneath.
– the biggest difference with the other seasons is that the skirts mostly stay in the closet. I hate to feel cold.

Year-long, my favourite accessory is a scarf, mostly the cotton circle ones. I never leave the house without them, In summer I usually wear them draped over my shoulders, and in winter I wrap them around my neck and add a thick woollen scarf to it to wear with my jacket.

Having a year-long wardrobe makes me very conscious of what I buy. Thin cotton shirts usually only last half a year at most, so I never buy them. The same goes for pants. I also check out what my clothes are made of. I can’t stand synthetics as a layer close to my body, but some of my warmer cardigans are synthetics. I wear long-sleeve t-shirts underneath.

Most of all, this makes me more and more minimalist in my clothing choices. I don’t call what I have a capsule wardrobe, but it really is one.

More on choosing what to add to my wardrobe in the next video.

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